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“Love in Kilnerry is Daniel Keith’s directorial debut, you’d never know it, he did a fantastic job. The film has the look, sound, visual effects, and editing of a big budget studio film.” – Jim Ferguson, Critics Choice Awards

“Keith is a veteran actor who is consistently appealing... and spending years in front of the camera seems to have given him a good sense of what should be going on behind it.” – Steven Whitty, Film Racket

“…a certain type of indie film-making that has an eye on mass audience approval…” – Eddie Harrison, Film Authority

“The only explanation that can be given to the deeply felt emotions from that

Daniel has the power and skill to zero-in on human fears and relationships.” – Tania Fisher, Theater Pizzaz

“…his film is clear proof that there are spicy stories, that they can be told with elegance and sweetness and that in the end they become sensational plots and excellent options…” – Laura Hiros, Rincón de Cine (Latin America)

“Keith does not only succeed at keeping you entertained with this film, he also manages to keep its bawdier moments as tastefully equivocal as can be. He knows what he is doing behind the camera and we can’t wait to see what he does next after this.” - Tony Asankomah , GhMovie Freak (Foreign)

“Keith really is the heart of the film (Love in Kilnerry), keeping all of the disparate storylines tied together and willingly playing the straight man in every scenario” - Joshua StarnesFiring The Canon

“Daniel Keith deserves huge credit for leading the film as affable yet repressed town sheriff Gary and delivers some emotionally powerful scenes” – Benjamin Gummery, Indie Mac User

“When all of his ideas are fully developed, it will be interesting to see what writer and director Daniel Keith has next up his sleeve.” – Kathia Woods, Cup of Soul Show

”… passion shines through in the filmmaking and his performance. Love in Kilnerry is wonderful.” – Bradley Gibson, Film Threat

“Kudos to Daniel Keith for doing such a fine job…” – Hoy Sale Cine (Argentina)

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